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The Piston engine can power your website, generating your quotes with your own rates.

Your own website stays just as it is, or you could start again using a main page based on a template like this.

The Piston Engine is able to quote hourly rates, direct trip prices and part load pricing, all based on your pricing system .The Engine analyses floors, lifts and other access issues as part of the process.

It then emails a quote to you, and one to your client.Send yourself a quote now and see how it works.

To make it work you only need to change what happens when your users click your Get Quote buttons and links.

The items and the sizes of items on our inventory page can be changed to whatever you like, or you can leave them as they are. (We can guide you through the process)

For more info please use our contact form or send us an email.
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Storage and Redelivery
Storage and redelivery

We can store . until you are ready for delivery back out again.

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Container Loading and Unloading
Container Loading and Unloading

Container Loading and Unloading: For a price, please click 'get quote'. Then enter a job 'from Melbourne to Melbourne', together with the Cubic Metres (in the 'Van Size as selected' field), total floors and lifts to Load or Unload plus the total driving distance (round trip rail to rail) for all jobs in the container.

A fixed Price will be emailed in a matter of minutes. We can usually store your container for limited time and may be able to send it back re-loaded.
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